Sulawesi Tengah


Central Sulawesi Province Region, before under the Netherlands colonization, is a Kingdom government, which consist of 15 (Fifteen) Empire under the kings leadership then later in Central Sulawesi history is recognized as The Seventh Kingdom in East and Eight Kingdom in West.
Since 1905, Central Sulawesi region entirely authorized by Dutch, from the seventh kingdom in the east and eight kingdom in the west, then by the Government of Dutch Indies made Landscapes or the center of Dutch government, include of:
1. Poso Lage in Poso
2. Lore in Wianga
3. Tojo in Ampana
4. Una-una Island in Una-una
5. Bungku in Bungku
6. Mori in Kolonodale;
7. Bagai in Luwuk;
8. Parigi in Parigi;
9. Moutong in Tinombo;
10. Tawaeli in Tawaeli;
11. Banawa in Donggala;
12. Palu in Palu;
13. Sigi/Dolo in Biromaru;
14. Kulawi in Kulawi
15. Tolo-toli in Toli-tol

In it development, when the Government of Dutch Indies fall and have not command again in Central Sulawesi and all Indonesia, by the Central government, Central Sulawesi was divide become 3 (Three) region part namely:
1. Central Sulawesi part of West, covered; Poso regency, Banggai regency and Buol Toli-toli regency. This region division is based on the constitution number 29 in 1959, about the forming of regency areas in Sulawesi.
2. Centered part of Central Sulawesi (Tomini Bay), admission to the North Sulawesi countryside in Manado. In 1919, all of Central Sulawesi admission becomes part of North Sulawesi in Manado. In 1940, Central Sulawesi becomes 2 ‘Afdeeling’ that is ‘Afdeeling Donggala’ covering Seven Onder Afdeeling and Fifteen Self governing.
3. Central Sulawesi part of East (Tolo Bay) admission to East Sulawesi countryside in Bau-bau.
In 1964 with the Government constitution number 2 in 1964, it had formed a Province of Central Sulawesi that covered regencies that is Donggala regency, Poso regency, Banggai regency and Buol Toli-toli regency. Hereinafter Central government specify Central Sulawesi Province as independent autonomous Province that declared with the constitution number 13 in 1964 about the Province form area of Central Sulawesi and hereinafter the date of the forming is remind as Central Sulawesi Province Birthday.

Poso is the city main port and port town and terminal in north coast Central Sulawesi region. For tourist, Poso is sojourn town (transit) before continue the journey to some tourism locations around Poso for example to the beach or to Ampana for then join with others ship towards to Togean Island. However, Poso self is pleasing town for a take a rest before continue the journey.

Poso is a regular small town, and you can go wherever you want in this town only by feet. Poso Downtown located in Sumatera Street and the around area which has a number of hotels, restaurant and shop area. 

Around Poso
There are some interesting locations to visit around Poso especially for they who like to swim or snorkeling; one of them is Madale Beach, which is located about 5 Km in east Poso. Farther easterly, at 20 Km from Poso, there is Matako Beach with the white shore sand, While, Toini Beach is located about 7 Km from Poso to west. This beach is very popular because there are a number of restaurants that present delicious sea dish. This third beach can reach with public vehicle (machinery trishaw) from terminal near to market Poso.

About 40 Km from Poso eastwards there is Tombiano that have big cave that dwelt of bat; in Maranda which is located about 47 West km Poso there is cascade as well as source of hot wellspring where visitor can swim; Tampenaporo Cave located in 22 Km in south Poso, in road towards to Tentena. For visit this location of the cave and waterfall you can join with others common vehicle from terminal Poso to appropriate purpose, and ask the driver to reduce you in location that being gone.

Lembomawo located about 4 Km in south Poso and known as crafting center of woodcarving ebony. To reach this place you can join with others machinery trishaw from terminal Poso and downwards in Lembomawo. From Lembomawo you can walk (4 Km) to Ranononucu through two drawbridges. Here there are a lot of shops that sell ebony.


The third biggest lake in Indonesia has the wide about 32300 hectares with about 450 meters depth. Poso Lake has 32 Km length and wide 16 Km. The Lake situation is reside in 600 meters height above sea level make this area air is nocturnal balmy without have too cool. Visit Poso Lake to become the main reason people to halting-place in Tentena and Pendopo, which is each, located in north back part and south of Poso Lake. Both this places are attributed to supporting facilities for crossing regular transportation lake. Tourist can walk along to fringe rural area around lake or rent boat to encircle lake. Poso Lake also famous because it have orchid garden called Bancea Orchid Garden that has wild orchid collection. This garden can reach by walking (11 Km) or join with others rental car to Taipa from Pendolo.

The tourism location Salopa Waterfall reside in a forest area near to Tentena, there are a number of rapids, waterfall and some pools with the transparent water as clear crystal.

Sulewana Waterfall located 10 Km from Tentena. To reach this place you can join with others machinery trishaw, which towards to north and continued by walking of 3 Km in each August month is, performed an event named Poso Lake Festival which is the biggest event culture in this region. This festival followed by the village public who reside in this beautiful area. Pendolo, which located in tip of south and resides in Poso Lake periphery, is silent village.

This national park cover 250,000 hectares width area and rich multifariously exotic crop and various animal types and insect, include the butterfly that larger of human hand. National garden area also become the original society place with their custom clothes they gorgeous and usually used at execution of traditional event. The other fascination in this national park is the objects (relict) that made by the historic man from megalith epoch that had dwelt this region for thousands year ago. A number of relicts can be met in Bada dale, Besoa and Napu.



Tentena which located in back part of north Poso Lake is the wider village and more beautifully from Pendolo. This place encircled of hilly that grew by clove crop. When bloomy clove (finite June to November), clove tree will release clove interest fragrance. Tentena have accommodations facility and complete restaurants, but the beach in Tentena still beautiful compared to in Pendolo. The interesting location, which must be visited when you to reside in Tentena is bridge along 210 meters length that reside in back part to be north Poso Lake. Under the bridge, lake water rapidly flows to enter river to start the length journey towards to sea. Tentena is famous with eel animal with length reach two meters. These animals live in lake base and a lot to exit follow the water current towards river. In the riparian there is Pamona Cave. Panorama near to this cave is enough beautirfull. Farther to the town, in roadway towards to Kolonodale there is Latea cave that contain of dead body bones that buried during in the past.

Palu is the capital Central Sulawesi Province, which geographically this region located in upstate. Town which seldom has rain known as one of dry town in Indonesia with hot air in the afternoon and nocturnal cold. In it history, Palu has ever occupied by Japan army in world second. In general, the tourist visit Palu because wishing trekking to Lore Hindu National Park that reside in south Palu or Tanjung Karang that is reside in north. If reside in Palu it is possible you can visit Central Sulawesi Province Museum that have collection of folk art objects as well as archaeological object. You also can visit traditional house Banua Souraja and Datu Karama. Palu Beach is the cleanness beach.

This small town located in one of Tomori Bay angle with the beautiful panorama. Kolonodale is the gateway towards Morowali Garden, which is preserve area. This area has level of height rainfall and takes place approximant during the year. The best time to visit this place is during September and November. Most of lodging, shop and market reside in located area not far from the main dock. The intersecting street in front of market is also functioned as bus terminal.

Most of the tourist who reside in Kolonodale would be towards to Morowali and don’t exploit the opportunity to look beautiful panorama around Tomori Bay. Around Tomori Bay area there is small bays with rocks ashore meeting with clear seawater. Bay area to be encircled by hilly that closed over the forest; so also in water territory around outspread bay small islands which in the centered is grew by the forest which still be original and in its periphery is outspread is beautiful coast. All the things unite to to become impressing natural beauty.
Along the Kolonodale Beach, there is reef that have fossil and hand image of historic man that sticking on the stone. Also there is reef, which is in mushroom form. To enjoy all of this beauty optimally, hence tourist need to rent speed boat from Kolonodale with tariff about Rp 100000 per day

During colonial, Donggala is port town and commerce that is enough busy in Central Sulawesi region. But when Donggala port had superficiality, hence trade ships that were usually halting-place to this place, move to other port. Now on, Donggala position for tourist, is only as transit town before towards to ‘Tanjung Karang’, which is the important tourism location in this region.

Karang Foreland is located about 5 Km in north of Donggala is coastal area with the shore sand and sea is a real please for water activities like swimming and snorkeling. The tourists who come to this place are they who fond with shore sand, seawater and sunshine. This tourism object location has sufficient accommodation facility and most of lodging in this place has rent the snorkeling equipments.


Foreign tourist, who is visit Togean archipelago for the first time, will feel fall in love with its rock islands beauty in this place. The beauties of Togean nature make many tourists finally choose to remain longer from initially plan. Archipelago that is located in the middle of Tomini Bat is grew by forest area, which have not touched and become shelter for the animals in it. But the real beauty resides in the beach and sea. Various combinations forms of rock unite bluely of clear seawater make the beauty of this place become hardly impressing.
Togean Archipelago is the only place in Indonesia that has three different rock areas but stay in one same area. The three rock areas is atoll rock, barrier rock and coastal rock, all become flora and sea fauna habitat. Atoll rock is coral island form that midst of its there is deep lake. Barrier rock is in a row consecutive rock encircle the island look like fortress or wall on the sea that protect other island in nearness from the sea wave dashing against. This rock height start from finite base to sea level reach 200 meters, this is not including part of rock on the surface, which able to reach some meters height, again.

The main settlement area in Togean Island is Katupat village that have a small market and a number of shops. Around island there is coast area, which more beautiful from other place and jugs location for trekking for tourist who have been be fed up with activity dive, swim, or snorkeling. This place is also available of lodging, for example Melati Motel, Fadhila Cottages and Bolilanga Indah Motel.

Bata Daka Island is the biggest island and easiest to reached in Togean archipelago. In Batu Daka Island there are two villages that is Bomba and Wakai. Bomba village, they are the settlement area, which located in northwest back part of Togean archipelago. Bomba is the most beautiful place in Togean area and not crowded, hence most tourists’ pass this place is just for towards main purpose that is to Wakai in Kadidiri Island. However Bomba is interesting place. Here, the visitor can swim and snorkeling in good location. You also can visit bat cave, which located near to Bomba but to visit this place required by guide.


The biggest settlement area in Togean is Wakai. This place is point of departure for ships, which would towards to Kadidiri Island. In this place there are two lodgings and a number of haberdashery shops. Some kilometers towards hinterland there is waterfall. Tourist can do the pleasing journey towards to waterfall through the villages, which stay in this area. Two lodgings in this place are Wakai Cottages and Togian Island Hotel.


Kadidiri Island, which is located not far from Wakai, is the center of tourism area in Togean Island. Kadidiri Island is very popular island among tourist because the beach is a real good with snorkeling location and dive a real prima and it also available many doss houses. In Westside of the coastal there is consecutive precipitous reef that become rock crab habitat.


Malenge Island is island, which rather cloistered but has a real good water territory area for snorkeling with the location not far from the beach. The local resident with NGO help have built the journey route to pass is ambient forest and mangrove forest which good for assisting to know the places or animal habitat in this island like monkey, hornbill, polecat and salamanders. Lodging in this island can be met at near to dock for example Malenge Indah Motel, Lestari Motel and Honeymoon Beach Bungalows.


The only settlement in Walea Kodi Island is in Dolong village, which is fisherman village that is enough stirred. The tourism facility and transportation in this place are very limited. Dolong, have coast that is not too good but there are a number of locations to snorkeling. The lodging in this place is Lima Hotel and Walea Dive Center Resort.


This archipelago is a real good area to do various activities of water like swimming and dive. In this water territory area the tourist are possibly to see dugong or sea cow and even whale. Although its panorama is very good but the accommodation facility in this island still limited but the tourist admit of lodge in houses property of resident after ask permission to local village head. The tourist can rent speedboat, which can be met in every village if we like to encircle this archipelago area.

 Restaurant, Accommodation and Souvenir

see Wisata Sulawesi Tengah



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