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Magnificent coral gardens and a multitude of Tropical marine life defend coastlines of virgin-white beaches in the north of the or chid shaped island of Sulawesi. Mountains and volcanoes dominate the landscape with over 50 summits, some of which are still active, reminding the islanders and the world of the potential power of one of the earth’s most awesome forces.

The people of North Sulawesi can be classified into four groups; Minahasa, Bolaang Mongondow, Gorontalo and the SangirTalaud. The Minahasans are centered around the Provincial capital of Manado, but the entire province has a strong tradition of trade and contact with the outside world. The Sangir-Talaud islands, to the north of the mainland, form a natural bridge to the Philippines providing a convenient route for peoples and cultures to easily move between Indonesia and the Philippines, and many traces of Filipino culture can still be found here. The Dutch, however, have had the most influential effect on the development of the area. Apart from introducing a strong political and religious structure, the Filipinos encouraged the local populations to raise coconuts, for copra, and nutmeg. Today the main industries of the province are copra and cloves. North Sulawesi has a larger concentration of coconut trees than anywhere else in Indonesia.

First contacts with European traders came in the 1 6th century with the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese and with them they brought Christianity. It wasn’t until the arrival of the Dutch, however, that Christianity became the predominant religion of the area with the western parts of the province of Bolaang Mongondow and Gorontalo remaining as small Muslim principalities until the turn of the century.

The provincial capital of Manado is one of the international gateways into Indonesia. Regular flights to all parts of the Indonesian archipelago service this beautiful town as well as the smaller airports of Gorontalo, Tahuna and Talaud. Manado’s main attractions are off-shore, however, with truly amazing coral reefs off nearby Bunaken island which are now a protected Marine Park and offer some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. 


A Minangkabau traditional architecture from this tomb is in memory of Imam Bonjol, national warrior from Minangkabau, West Sumatra. He is a hero in ” Padri War” fight against Dutch, and then he was detached to North Sulawesi. Born in 1771 and passed away in Lotak village, Pineleng in 1864. Located about 7 km from Manado, can reached by local transportation.


Volcano Loko (1580 m) and Mahawu (1311 m), both have very beautiful cauldron. Lokon is usually assumed become more beautifully and simple road ought to be made for the climbers in competent condition. Unfolding vapour cauldron temperature 600 m under the top of the mountain. The lake that about 60 m depth has covered with yellows brimstone. The good time to start the journey from Kakaskasen is at 7 mornings, reach the crater in morning still cold and the sun has just fulfilled the crater. This thing is important for contact the observation post of Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu in Kakaskasen III, Tomohon.

 Located to the west and not far from the resort, the active Mt Lokon affords a magnificent panoramic view of the Highlands and out towards the sea. Solidified lava flows meander down the side of the volcano and can easily be followed up to the steaming crater (a brisk walk of about 45 minutes). Ash is often seen around the tip of the crater and is sometimes blown into the nearby town.

Opposite Mt Lokon is its smaller sister, Mt Mahawu. The gentler slopes of Mahawu offer a less challenging hike but the view is no less impressive. Inside the crater is a steaming emerald-green lake ringed with yellow sulphur deposits.

This gold wall is under Bunaken Sea. Shine during the time as the moonlight in the night. 


A small lake with high sulfur ingredients, the bubbles in the side of lake transmit hot water vapour. Lake color has change of light and depicts a view. The light shadow is blue, green, turquoise, etc. Jitney rising from Tomohon bus terminal towards intersection to lake, then walk (about 700 m) through in way towards the lake from Lahendong village. The colors in this highly sulphurous lake constantly change depending on the light and viewing perspective. Many species of large and small birds make their home around the lake and the grassed area to one side is a very pleasant spot to take a picnic lunch. Be carefull for bubbling mud holes at the edge of the lake, or you will end up with serious burns. 


Some km from south Tomohon is source of hot wellspring at right side before Lahendong village. This is a real big lava flow with small bubble, barrier cauldron and source of hot wellspring alongside the riverside that cutting the stream. It is very attractive walk around this area in spruce shadow. We can jitney rising from Tomohon to Lahendong Pine Forest. 


Still in Minahasa region, but keep handy from Manado than of Tondano is good beach to be found. About 90 km from Manado, near to Belang, hidden unfold heaven, Bentanan. There are some miles palm, encircled by white sandy beach and a group of small islands. Here you are can have a holiday for the time, enjoy the sunbath and swim, boat rising, fishing and dive. There is beach tourism with cottages available and sport facilities here.


What visit to North Sulawesi is complete without one day to view the spectacular coral gardens of the Bunaken Marine Reserve. Declared a Marine Park in 1991, it is acknowledged as one of the top dive sites in the world. It is about 40 minutes drive from the resort to one of the dive centers or to the central harbor, where a motorized outrigger canoe or dive boat will whisk you to Bunaken Island in about 45 minutes.

Bunaken National Park is Marine Park with the most various species in the world. The fascination under water life in water territory of this a real Bunaken national park varieties, specific, on unique, and exotic, make this area as the beautiful North Sulawesi tourism and grow as one of famous marine park tourism object in the world. It is because of this location nearness with Manado city that only about 6 km from the downtown area, or from Tongkeina in Pisok foreland even only 3,5 km. Access to this location also very fluent, can be gone through speedboat within 20 up to 60 minutes.

The Reserve comprises of the Bunaken Islands, Siladen, Nain and Montehage, the dive and snorkeling sites are numerous and diverse. The drop off wall at Liang Cave in particular is rare in the world and described by enthusiasts as spectacular with caves, gullies and caverns harboring an immense wealth of marine life. Brilliantly colored fish dart amongst the vibrant coral and the water is clear and warm. It is ideal for the first snorkels or experienced who divers alike.


Temple, which built in the early of 19century, is one of some believer place of worship Buddha Tri Dharma temples in Manado city. This temple, which is the eldest temple in Indonesia east area, has China architecture and nuance typical in 19century, and located in downtown area. In every February, for ‘Imlek’ agenda (China New Year) in this temple is passed off ceremony ritual “Tapikong” (Toh Peh Kong). The top moment is traditional cortege China parade, a real unique, attractive, and interesting with main attractions of Barongsai dance and Tan Shen (Incen Pia).


The Culture garden, which located in Maengket street, is the centre of cultural art activities where multifarious danced, song and music of traditional area is showed, especially at holiday. While Negeri North Sulawesi museum, which located in Supratman Street, offer visual information and demonstrate art, cultural and ethnical history in North Sulawesi (including Gorontalo), and other ethnics. Even there are some nation fossils of Dutch, Portuguese, Japan, Chinese and Sweden.

Hillside area, which full of cave through the street between Kiawa and Kawangkoan, located on the hill along the roadside approximately 20 km from the resort, are Japanese tunnels dug during the Japanese occupation in World War Two. Largely used for storage purposes, they are an eerie reminder of a turbulent time in Indonesia’s history. It was applied as supply repository.RANOPASO HOTSPRINGS

The thermal delights of the Ranopaso Hot Springs are a short distance from the resort and surrounded by rice fields. You can enjoy a hot water soak in one of the specially built bathrooms with the thermal water supplied from one of the hot springs in the area. This hot water pool gives beautiful impression for all visitors. There are a lot of bungalows to relax. Located in Koya village, about 3 km from Tondano, and can reached with local transportation.


This stone monument is believed to be the most spiritually powerful site in Minahasa. Through the ages, this has proved to be a politically potent gathering spot for Minahasan leaders. A big stone is in desk form with 4 m length and 2 m height, one of Minahasa ancestors remains, where 7 tribe heads Minahasa discuss and negotiate region boundary, federating, peace and war fight against enemy. Engraving pattern at the stone still not able to read. Located in Pinabetengan village about 50 km from Manado, can reach with public bus


Waruga is traditional grave of Minahasa ancestors’ tribe, which had there since Megalithic era, and made from stone called ‘dwiruga’. Located in Airmadidi is an ancient historic cemetery where Minahasan ancestors are buried and is a remnant of the megalithic age. Waruga (head stones) are unique square stones with holes in the middle and prism shaped lids. 144 gravestones built as place of corpse, such as respectable people corpse, elite figure or man who assumed have miracle is entered with sit position and folded hand, just like baby position in womb. Engraving in the stone describe death cause, late hobby, character / nature or work. The scenery en route to this venue is also interesting with a sweeping vista of coconut and spice trees (25 km from the resort).


This Nature Reserve is located on open grassland and is home to a great variety of flora and fauna. There are black apes, Maleo birds, snakes, wild pigs, hornbill birds and deer. But special interest is given to the Tarsius Monkeys, which sneak out at dawn and dusk. About the size of a Childs fist, these tiny monkeys are the smallest in the world and a delight to see.The reserve is located north of Bitung and covers an area of 3,196 hectares. The day out is perhaps strictly for the adventurous amongst you as the road is rough and the 3-hour trip rugged, but for those prepared to make the journey, the delights of the jungle await you. Lodging or cottages also available here to all tourists who wish to spend the night


The other beach tourism unfolding in east Minahasa coastal area, with oblique white sandy coast, clean and water which do not wavy make this ideal and balmy place for vacation. A stone looking like a girl close to Telss beach. A legend of a beautiful girl who had suicide plaintively. The place is called as “Batu Nona”. Located in Kema, Bitung 35 km from Manado, can reach with local transportation.


A grave and monument to memorize North Sulawesian national warrior, he was bear in Tondano in 1890 and passed away in 1949. Located in hill with Tondano lake panorama fascinating and encircled by green rice field to make this place hardly impressing. It used to memorize the spirit of national warrior Dr. Sam Ratulangi during the revolution. Located in Tondano, the capital of Minahasa regency.

Located in right margin Tondano Lake, this tourism place is ideal place for water sport like skill in water, fish and boat. Bungalow, hot water swimming pool and restaurant are available facilitiee to relax. Located 13 km from Tondano, 49 km from Manado in Leleko village, Remboken, can reach with local transportationMOUNT KLABAT

The highest mount in North Sulawesi (1995 m) is heavily zooming through pathway near of the police office in Airmadidi. Climb during one full nights, more fantastically and live in top while wait the sunrise and enjoy the morning scenery in Minahasa area with Tondano lake face nature. At Saturday and Sunday this mount like fun with climb activity and camp by the students. Raise the public transpoatation from market terminal 45 to Paal 2terminal, then rising public transport to Airmadidi terminal.


This is a memory from woman warrior of justice national in north Sulawesi. Born on 1 Decembers 1872 and passed away on 22 April 1924. An organization named “PIKAT” build by Ms. Walanda Maramis for involve woman in education and social development. A grave and monument artistic built to esteem her service. Located in Maumbi village about 9 km from Manado, can reach by local transportation


Hillside area, which full of cave through the street between Kiawa and Kawangkoan, located on the hill along the roadside approximately 20 km from the resort, are Japanese tunnels dug during the Japanese occupation in World War Two. Largely used for storage purposes, they are an eerie reminder of a turbulent time in Indonesia’s history. It was applied as supply repository.

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